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Taawish College is now ISO 9001:2008 certified


Seminar Highlights

Chairperson, Taawish College of Education, felicitating guests at the National Seminar

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Staff Members

Taawish College is now ISO 9001:2008 certified


Student Activities

“College is about so much more than going to class, eating and sleeping. What you do in between all the required stuff can mean the difference between a GREAT college experience and an average one.”

Student Activities includes recreational, social, cultural and educational programs, events and opportunities for students to participate in extra curricular activities. Student Activities also provides a consistent professional presence, though assistance, at various campus programs.

Students who participate in campus activities outside the classroom discover an ideal learning laboratory for gaining essential personal and professional skills such as analysis, decision making, time management, communication, delegation, motivation, problem solving, and budgeting. Service to the College community through student activities is personally rewarding and provides opportunities to meet other students, develop relationships, promote change on campus and explore new interests.

The College serves as a resource for students in leadership development and program planning. The college plans and implements programs during the academic year to draw diverse groups of students together, processes student contract requests and trains students on the contract process. We are here to help your organization.

In Taawish college of Education the students participate in various activities like sports, fine arts, social welfare, cultural activities, extempore, quiz etc. There is a college committee which cooperates with the students for arranging for all these activities.

The major emphasis with all activities at Taawish College of education is “Balanced Programming.”